High Speed Mobile Internet Experience with Tata Docomo Wifi-Wizard App

Posted by   May 18th, 2016


Optimized-WiFi Hotspot

Mobile carriers are fighting to cater with the huge smartphone traffic with fierce competition. TechVedika has built an unique mobile app for Tata docomo, by which any mobile user in India can get free internet connection with just one touch.This app (Wifi Wizard) can be installed in any Android or IOS Smartphone. Once you install this app you don’t need to register for OTP or Password everytime when you need to connect internet at any airport in India, Starbucks or at any public wifi hotspot.

This app comes along with 30 minutes of free internet at any hotspot location as well you can buy data plan or package from your mobile wallet or credit card. Moreover, if you are a Tata Docomo customer, you can also enjoy high speed internet with your 3G data plan by using your Tata Docomo Sim Card.

Once you install this app in your mobile, you can also get automatic notification when you are at hotspot or near to free wifi hotspot, so that you can just simple click on notification and get connected to high speed internet connectivity of Tata Docomo.     TechVedika has built the complete end to end solution for Tata Docomo along with the Mobile App and the backend interface server to talk to their backend radius server.

TechVedika has built an outstanding user experience that can set a mobile operator apart from its existing competitors. Seamless Wi-Fi allows users to move from the 3G/LTE network to Wi-Fi without any interaction, whatsoever, with their mobile devices – an invisible handoff.

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